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The Road Home is a private non-profit social service agency with 501(c)3 status. We are a committed to helping people step out of homelessness and back into our community.

The Road Home
2014 Annual Report

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A very BIG thank you to all of you for making what we do possible!

We have built upon our success in 2014, and set some ambitious goals for Fiscal Year 2015. With your support, we will continue to see progress and move forward in our mission to help people overcome homelessness.

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From the Board President

Kamie Brown

Kamie F. Brown
Board President

One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Plato: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." Among the many hard battles fought by humankind is that of homelessness. With your support, The Road Home utilizes a network of resources, including temporary shelter, housing, and services to help people overcome homelessness…

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From the Executive Director

Matthew Minkevitch

Matthew Minkevitch
Executive Director

This past year may be remembered best as the year our community significantly reduced homelessness among veterans. Working in conjunction with a broad collaboration, our admirable team helped scores of veterans who had been on the streets, some for years, to secure housing…

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FY14 Year at a Glance - Financials



  • On average, 61 families moved out of shelter each month.
  • We served 23% more people in housing than in FY13.

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FY14 Year at a Glance - Numbers

  • We helped 9,570 people overcome homelessness through shelter, case management, and housing.
  • Of those individuals we sheltered 7,082 including:
    • 681 families comprising of 1,047 adults and 1,348 children
    • 997 single women
    • 3,810 single men

What does this mean?

Single MenWe served 115 fewer single men than in FY13.
FamiliesWe served 1 additional family household than in FY13.
Single WomenWe served 98 additional single women than in FY13.

These trends help us determine our future path. We are increasing our efforts to help house chronically homeless individuals, services focused on single women, and seeking resources to offer Rapid Re-Housing to all homeless families in Salt Lake County. We want to see each individual and family living successfully in a home of their own.

  • In FY14, we were able to help 18% more vulnerable individuals into permanent housing than FY13.
  • Through our Rapid Re-Housing program, we served 35% more families than FY13.

Housing and Service Success

FY14 was an important year for our Chronic Homeless Supportive Housing (CHSH) program. This life-saving program was funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA). For the past three years, CHSH has not only exceeded projected goals but has become a national model for other SAMHSA projects.

CHSHâ��s goal was to engage the most vulnerable individuals who were chronically homeless in Salt Lake County. As the team built a relationship with each person they met, they would identify the individualâ��s needs. Every person was screened for Medicaid eligibility, and moved into an apartment in the community. Their new home came furnished and food provided by the LDS Church Humanitarian Services. We found that a home helped the individual heal, despite their barriers…

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Housing Every Chronically Homeless Veteran

“Most importantly, nearly every single veteran in Salt Lake County experiencing chronic homelessness is now living in a home of his or her own.”

It has been an honor for The Road Home to lead our community in efforts to eliminate chronic homelessness among the men and women who served our country in the armed forces. In October of 2012, our community set a goal to end Veteran Chronic Homelessness by 2014.

Over the next two years, the Veterans Housing Group, including shelters, outreach agencies, Housing Authorities, Veterans Affairs, local Housing and Urban Development staff, State of Utah Department of Workforce Services, landlords, government officials, and private and public funders helped 150 veterans overcome chronic homelessness…

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Palmer Court Celebrates 5 Years!

One of the highlights of FY14 was the celebration of our five year anniversary of Palmer Court, which provides 201 apartments of permanent supportive housing to formerly chronically homeless individuals and families.

Cumulatively, the individuals living at Palmer Court had experienced the crisis of homelessness for a total of 484 years.

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