Another Face of Compassion

This was posted by Sim Gill, Salt Lake County district attorney, after attending The Road Home’s One by One Breakfast last Thursday. We wanted to share his comments with all of you!

“At the Road Home breakfast fundraiser the other day. I witness the depth of human concern that overflows with compassion which gives me private hope.

The emotion rises up in my throat and moves to my eyes and then to my mind. My throat struggles to speak to the unspeakable misery being discussed before me. It swallows my pride like a pill that humanizes the connection. between me and those that need our support. Unfiltered empathy is sometimes a good reminder of what is truly unique about our species. I do not mean merely a maternal species protection we witness in the wild. I do not mean the autonomic biological and utilitarian drive of evolutionary rationalizations but the projected concern about someone in need day after tomorrow. An empathy and concern into someone’s future.

My eyes fill up with emotion as a thin layer of moisture, politely concealed, wash over the gilded veneer of temporary and distant comfort. A visual distance, a tolerable distance to my numbing rationalizations of the publicly concealed misery. An interesting juxtaposition between the visual numbness and a mental one that serves as a convenient filter for us to navigate public space at a private comfort.

We are responsible for each other and sometimes the only hope of assistance. Our unconscious abundance is overwhelming. I do not mean to minimize the personal struggles of people but very few of us have either lived, faced or experienced the full force of poverty and homelessness. I do not merely mean the physical deficit of food, shelter, medicine etc., I mean the emotional, psychological and spiritual erosion of our being filed away layer by layer like some soft pine. The residual dust of our being no longer anchored to an identity in this world. This is the challenge amongst us.

Then there are these brave souls, hard souls, compassionate souls that wake up every day to the challenges of poverty and homelessness. They come to work, volunteer and offer up hope to those that have no where nor anyone else to turn to. They have some success and some conversations that are never brought to a resolution. They do not give up. They wait patiently to fill someone’s empty cup of misery with hope with the compassion they provide.

Once in a while it is just good to watch and appreciate the face of compassion amongst us. Thank you to all of the amazing people of the The Road Home.” – Sim Gill, Salt Lake County District Attorney

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Together, we are on the road home.

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