Maxine Russell has been working in our accounting department at The Road Home for 23 years. Her smile is one of our favorite things & she shared a story about it with us.

“I have thought for the many years I have worked for this agency that if you smile at a child in the lobby ‘they are your.’ They seem to look for you and it is such a good feeling.

Saturday, while grocery shopping, I kept seeing a mother and child by me. The boy was about 3-4 years old. Every time I saw them, I would smile at the boy. They had a small cart with very few items in it. Even when I went from the south side of the building all the way back to the north side of the building (because I forgot an item) they were there. I paid for my groceries and started to push the cart to leave.

I looked at the cart, there was a bouquet of flowers on top. I started to tell the cashier that I did not buy them. She turned her head to the right and motioned, there was the mother and son. He had a smile from ear to ear, his mother pointed down to him. I thanked him, blew him a kiss and smiled, he returned the same.

I have a good feeling about our future leaders!”

It’s always amazing how far a simple smile can go and how much it can brighten someone’s day. Thank you to all the supporters and volunteers who constantly share their smiles with our staff and the people we help. Your beautiful smiles brighten our world!

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