Our New Midvale Center

The Midvale Center has been operated by The Road Home since 1998. The emergency shelter in Midvale has historically operated only seasonally during the coldest winter months of the year, allowing us to accommodate increased demand for families with children.

In March 2015, The Road Home undertook a capital project to rebuild the Midvale Center. Through your support, we were thrilled to open the new building in November 2015. The new facility can serve up to 300 people nightly; all families with children.

Services provided at the Midvale Center stretch far beyond just a bed and basic shelter. As a housing first agency, our goal is help people get back into a stable home in our community as quickly as possible. We also want to connect people with other agencies that will help them in their journey home. At our Midvale Center we have staff from the Department of Workforce Services, Canyons School District, Utah Community Action Program as well as our shelter and housing case management teams.

Through our partnership with the State of Utah and Midvale City, The Road Home is now able to operate the Midvale Center year-round for families.


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