Housing First

Our goal as an agency is to help individuals and families overcome homelessness. To succeed in our goal, our agency operates under a Housing First philosophy. Housing First is an evidence-based best practice which proves that helping people to move out of homelessness as quickly as possible, then providing housing-based, client-driven supportive services, is the best way to end homelessness for individuals and families.

Tonight we expect to serve approximately 1,100 people in The Road Home’s shelter facilities, 200 of whom will be children. Also tonight, we will serve approximately 1,700 people who will be safely housed through The Road Home’s Housing Programs, 600 of whom will be children.

Despite limited housing resources, The Road Home uses every available housing means we can to help people move out of homelessness and back into our community. No matter how challenging or desperate a person’s circumstance may appear, we continue to advocate for housing as the best instrument for ending homelessness.

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