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August 18, 2014Street Engagement Team pounds the pavement: Homeless services providers are teaming up to better meet the needs of homeless people in Pioneer Park and Rio Grande Street. The inaugural Street Engagement Team works to keep homeless people safe and help them obtain housing. View More >

July 17, 2014Apple Tree: Apple Tree is an incredible program that helps get the children staying at The Road Home, ready to go back to school. View More >

July 17, 2014Giving the homeless a home is often cheaper than leaving them on the streets: Massive five-year pilot project in Canada has kept 2,000 people off the streets for over two years and how programs in the US compare. View More >

June 28, 2014Salt Lake City a model for S.F. on homeless solutions: Salt Lake City has cut its chronic homelessness rate dramatically during the last 10 years by giving homeless people nice, permanent places to live with lots of counseling on-site. Its experience offers valuable lessons. View More >

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