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Emergency Services

Emergency Services helps connect people to the programs and services they need to get back on their feet.

Important Announcement:  Our Emergency Services office is back in the Weigand Center.  Hours of operation will remain Monday - Friday from 8am - 11:30am, and 12:30pm - 2pm.  Thank you!

Location & Hours of Operation

The Road Home Emergency Services
235 South Rio Grande Street
(Second floor of the Weigand Center)
Monday - Friday
8:00 - 11:30 am & 12:30 - 2:00 pm

Available Assistance

  • Travel Assistance
  • Utah Identification documentation (birth certificates, Utah ID card)
  • Employment related services (bus tokens, food handlers permits)

These services are available to anyone in need of assistance, you do not have to be a client of The Road Home in order to qualify.

Success through Emergency Services

Many people are helped by our Emergency Services team only once. Others return for continuing support services as they work towards self-sufficiency.

Traveling Home
"Danny travelled from Georgia to pursue a promising career at a Utah-based trucking company. He spent all of his savings in pursuit of this particular position only to find out the day he arrived that he did not qualify for the position.
Due to a minor technicality he hadn’t been made aware of prior to his journey, he was not able to work for the trucking company and found himself homeless in an unfamiliar city.
Danny found his way to the Weigand Center, located across the street from The Road Home’s Salt Lake Shelter, where he quickly resumed his job search using the available computer lab. While searching for local jobs in Utah, he happened across a prospective job in his home state. After contacting the employer and his family members, he was offered both employment and a place to live if he were able to return to Georgia.
Through word of mouth, Danny was directed to our Emergency Services office in search of several basic necessities including hygiene items and clothing. As he visited with our Emergency Services staff members, he began to share his recent experience with them. They informed him of the travel assistance program offered through The Road Home and indicated that he likely qualified for assistance. Within several minutes, the paperwork was filled out, employment and residence verified, and his Greyhound bus ticket was purchased. Within hours of finding himself homeless in Salt Lake City, Danny was able to return home to Georgia where his family and a stable job awaited his arrival.
*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the people we serve.