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Thank You to Our Donors

Our strength comes from all of our amazing donors. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without you. This donor list is one of the most important pieces of our Annual Report, and strive to make this list as accurate as possible. If we have made an error in any of our donor listings, please contact Alicia Gleed at Thank you!


Thank you so much to our Donors for the 2018 Fiscal Year!


Associations, Churches, Non-Profits, Trusts and Schools

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints-Corporation of the Presiding Bishop
Gloria A. Larson Trust
United Way of Salt Lake Combined Federal Campaign
United Way of Salt Lake

$19,999 - $5,000
Backman Family Fund
Davis County
Michael and Beth Chardack Charitable Fund
Salt Lake County Medical Society
St. James Episcopal Church

$4,999 - $1,000
Abey Baraghoshi Family Trust
Archer Family Charitable Corporation
Herman J. Baumann Jr. Family Trust
The Kathryn B. Thornton Trust
The Kenneth A. Sperling Funded Living Trust
The Matt & Katie Willes Charitable Fund
Northern Trust
Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau
St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church Women's Ministry
Thomas A Ellison Revocable Trust
Utah Building & Construction Trades Council
United Way of Central and Southern Utah
Wasatch Hills Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Wasatch Peak Academy
WCF Change For Charity
Welby Elementary School
Women's Council of Realtors - Salt Lake Chapter
Wonderful Giving

$999 - $500
Brent & Cheri Andrus Charitable Trust
Exchange Club, Murray Utah
Marc N. Archibald Trust
The Merryweather Family Charity Fund
Rosenbush + Zimmerman Family Fund
State of Utah
Suzanne Stensaas Fund
United Way of the Columbia-Willamette
Williamsen Family Fund



Ace Recycling & Disposal
America First Credit Union
Holiday Oil Company
Morgan Stanley Bank, N.A.
Sentry Financial Corporation
Synchrony Bank
Walmart Stores
Zions Management Services Company

$19,999 - $5,000
AFCU Community Assistance
Ally Bank
Ames Construction, Inc.
Chevron Products Company
Dee's Incorporated
Dominion Questar Corporation
Eisenberg Gilchrist & Cutt, LLC
Gerber Construction, Inc.
Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLC
Hogan & Associates Construction
Intermountain Healthcare
Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Inc.
Marlin Business Bank
Merrick Bank Corporation
Mountain America Credit Union
O.C. Tanner Company
Staker Parson Companies
Sweet Candy Co.

$4,999 - $1,000
Ace Outdoor Advertising, LLC
BD - Beckton Dickinson
BMW Bank of North America
C.D.C. Restoration & Construction L.C.
Century 21 Everest Realty Group
Christmas Jam of Utah
City Wide Home Loans - CHL Mortgage
Cowboy Properties
Cyprus Credit Union
D and S NGV Services
Discover Financial Services
Eide Bailly LLP
Everest Realty Group
Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC
Fidelity Investments-The Bank of New York Mellon
First Electronic Bank
Gilmour and Company
Heritage Services
Key Bank
Legacy Equipment Co.
Les Olson Company
Midgley Construction
Mountain West Truck Center
New Car Dealers of Utah
NJRA Architects, Inc.
Odyssey House of Utah
Old Republic Home Protection Company, Inc.
Parsons, Behle & Latimer
Peterbilt of Utah
Pia Anderson Moss Hoyt Operating Account
Ray Quinney & Nebeker P.C.
Richards, Brandt, Miller & Nelson PC
Robert W. Baird & Co.
Roderick Enterprises LP
Sinclair Services Company
Software Technology Group
Southern Wine/Spirits West LLC
Steel Encounters, Inc.
Strong and Hanni PC
TD Ameritrade, Services Company, Inc.
Title Guarantee A Title Insurance Agency
UBS Business Solutions US LLC
Verisk Analytics
Vivint Solar Developer LLC
WanSutter Insurance
Warner Truck Center
WCF Insurance
Wells Fargo Advisors
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Western Metals Recycling
Workman Nydegger Law Firm

$999 - $500
A Plus Benefits
ABT Mechanical, Inc.
AN Group
Asset Management Services
Babcock Design Group, Inc.
BMW Financial Services
Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc.
Calculated Research & Technology, Inc.
CommGap International Language Services
Cottonwood Partners Management Ltd
Crossfit Helo
Crown Burger
Evergreen Framing Co.
Evergreene Management Group, LLC
Fatpipe, Inc.
Hagen Concrete Cutting, Inc.
Hendricksen Painting, Inc.
Hidden Valley Insurance
Integrated Title Insurance Services, LLC
Jack's Tire and Oil Management Company, Inc.
K & L Beverage Company LLC
Lagoon Corporation, Inc.
Leavitt Group
Lightlink Communications, Inc.
M&M Prescription Service
Metro National Title
Mike Zimmerman Well Service, LLC
Mountain Signs & Decals, LLC
Petroleum Equipment Company
Rose Creek Crossing
Smith's Food and Drug Stores, Inc. - Kroger
Stampin' Up
Utah Power Credit Union
Varex Imaging
Walker Capital Advisors
Wasatch Advisors, Inc.
Williams Company



The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Foundation
Florence J. Gillmor Foundation
George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Huntsman Foundation
Sorenson Legacy Foundation

$99,999 - $50,000
C. Scott & Dorothy E. Watkins Charitable Foundation
Kahlert Foundation
Miller Family Philanthropy
Willard L. and Ruth P. Eccles Foundation

$49,999 - $15,000
Adobe Foundation
Bonneville Charitable Foundation
Chick-fil-A Foundation
Clark and Christine Ivory Foundation
James & Tanya Mahood Foundation
Jeffrey & Helen Cardon Foundation
KeyBank Foundation
Legacy Global Foundation, Inc.
Marriner S. Eccles Foundation
Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation
Ruth Eleanor Bamberger and John Ernest Bamberger Memorial Foundation
Simmons Family Foundation
Spencer F. & Cleone P. Eccles Family Foundation
Steiner Foundation, Inc.
Utah Families Foundation
Westgate Resorts Foundation
Willard L. Eccles Charitable Foundation

$14,999 - $5,000
American Endowment Foundation
Anderson Hatch Foundation
Catholic Human Services Foundation
Fredrick H. Barth Foundation
Harry F. Barnes & Carol H. Barnes Family Foundation
JNF Foundation
King Family Foundation
Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation
R. Harold Burton Foundation
Rizley Family Foundation
Rocky Mountain Power Foundation
Thomas A. and Lucille B. Horne Foundation
TJX Foundation, Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation

$4,999 - $1,000
Aetna Foundation
American Express Foundation
Andrea Golding Legacy Foundation
Ashton Family Foundation
B.W. Bastian Foundation
Brent and Ann Wilson Foundation
Castle Foundation
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Community Foundation
Crowther Charitable Foundation
David Kelby Johnson Memorial Foundation
David Weekly Family Foundation
Dennis and Rebecca Merrill Family Foundation
Denver Foundation
Douglas J. & Geneca H. Fife Foundation
Douglas N. Thompson Foundation
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Everest Family Foundation
Harris Hope Foundation
Henry W. & Leslie M. Eskuche Foundation
Henry W. Bull Foundation
Herbert I. and Elsa B. Michael Foundation
Howarth Family Foundation
Iron Mountain Foundation
Jackson Howard Foundation
JEPS Foundation
John and Dora Lang Charitable Foundation
Kennecott Charitable Foundation/Rio Tinto
Kenneth C. Savage Family Foundation
Masonic Foundation of Utah
Measom Family Foundation
Melling Family Foundation
Newberry Family Foundation
Park City Community Foundation
Robert S. Carter Foundation Inc.
Robert W. Keener & Barbara J. Keener Foundation
Ross Charitable Support Foundation
Schmidt Family Foundation
Spencer P. and Kristine L. Eccles Foundation
Steven B. Achelis Foundation
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Utah Medical Association Foundation
Vern and Marva Wolcott Charitable Foundation
Walmart Foundation
Wells Fargo Philanthropy
Wheeler Family Foundation
Will Ascend Foundation
Windermere Foundation

$999 - $500
Coyote Foundation
Gap Foundation



Ashmead, Morgan
Bergeson, Eric
Johnson, Shauna and Ralph
Miller, Gail
Motley, Leslie and Keith
O'Connor, Marilyn
Simmons, Harris
Whitworth, Clark and Jennifer

$9,999 - $5,000
Andersen, Curtis and Venice
Barlow, John
Blackett, David S.
England, Pat
Fang, Judy and Bing
Gerber, Max
Hickenlooper, Susan
Huefner, Eric
Kendell, Nancy and Ross
King, Michael and Alicyn
Kittrell, Katherine
Lee, James and Evelyn
Martinson, Wayne and Deb Sawyer
Ream, Lance
Robertson, David
Trentman, Richard
Walker, Linda and Erie
Williams , Shade A, IV
Woolsey, Sarah
Wray, Michael
Wynn, Ken

$4,999 - $1,000
Andrews, Ian and Mary Beth
Apolonio, Shan & Troy
Arave, Leonard & Carol
Arndt, Ronney
Ashby, Daniel
Bahr, Michael Dean
Baker, Lewis and Nancy
Baker, Stephen
Bankhead, Austin
Banyai, Jacob
Barnett, Daniel and Sheila
Barrow, Brian
Barusch, Lawrence & Amanda
Barusch, Ronald C.
Beck, Judy D.
Benner, Ben
Bennett, David
Bermingham, Sean
Bethards, Matthew
Bingham, Jean and Bruce
Bircumshaw, Georgia and John
Blanch, Jon
Bohnsack, John and Rebecca Day
Boland, Henry and Sally
Bond, Georgene and Robert
Bosteels, Thomas and Isabella Tcaciuc
Bowles, Bryce
Bowles, Tawnya and Bryce
Boynton, Mr. and Mrs.
Brady, Scott
Bramwell, Audrey and Katy Welkie
Broadbent, Jay and Kristine
Brown, Kelly
Brunhart, Ulrich
Burgoyne, Jeffrey
Burke, Travis
Burns, James and Jean
Caldwell, Scott
Cannon, Susan and Grant
Carlquist, John F.
Carpenter, Mark
Carr, Alexis
Carter, Leroy
Catherall, Virginia
Champeau, Eric
Chapman Benton, Aaron
Chase, Dolores
Christensen, Kim
Christiansen, Karen
Christiansen, Richard and Marcia
Clark, Byron
Cook, Rhett
Coulter, David
Cox , Carolyn and James Lohse
Cummings, Bruce
Dahl, Benjamin and Erica
D'Arcy, John and Flora
Derderian, Greg
Derrick, Rocky
Desimone, Linda W.
Dixon, Dennis
Dodge, Jamie
Doty, Chris
Downs, Darren
East, Laurie
Eide, Shellie and Eric
Eisenberg, Jeffrey
Ewoniuk, Jenifer G.
Farrell, Steven Colby
Felton, Steven
Fillmore, Tanya & Chris
Fisch, Mary Jane and Ken
Fitz, Terrilee
Flanders, E. Dean and Teri
Flick, Cherie
Frame, Wendy Marie
Franks, Lauri and Herman
Frazer, Carol and Thomas
Fu, Henry
Gates, Kevin P.
Gill, Surjit and Jagdish
Gledhill, Ryan
Goldenberg, David P.
Gouchnour, Brian
Gough, Dave
Graser, Sharon
Gregory, Robert
Griffiths, Brad
Griffiths, Justin
Guard, Roger
Gulledge, Andrew
Hales, Ryan
Halladay, Steve
Hamill, Mary Lou
Hanks, Robert
Hannon, Annmarie
Hanshaw, Carol and John
Harris, Kent
Hartner, Amy and Neil
Heaton, Jared
Holbrook, Keith
Horton, Joseph and Ann
Horton, Patricia
Hughes, Zan
Hunt, Scott
Irving, Gordon I.
Itokazu, John and Sheila
Jex, Joanne
John, Robert C.
Johns, M. Craig
Johnson, Greg and Ann
Johnson, Gregory
Johnson, Jennifer
Junk, Andrew
Kauffmann, Tom
Kelsch, Jean
Kimball, Charles A.
Kimball, Gordon R.
Kimber, Dane
Kuentzel, William P.
Kupferschmidt, Jim and Martha
Kurrus, Tom and Sarah
Lamonica, Bruce
Lane, E. and Michael
Larkins, Allyson and James
Larsen, Garon
Larson, Corbyn
Larson, Craig
Legare, Roger W.
Lewis, Jeffrey & Brooke
Liacopoulos, Kris
Lijenquist, C. Craig
Lindley, Janis
Lindsay, Steve
Linza, Jann and Joseph
Littlefield, Kathleen and Paul
Livingston, James
Lombardi, Anthony
Luke, Gaylan
MacDonald, Fred
Macintyre, Jim and Liz Joy
Magleby, Chris
Magrath, Jeremy
Marquardt, Jane A.
Martin, Douglas
McAllister, David and Tiffany
McCullough, Bill and Suzelle
McDonough, Grace and Gay
McIntosh, Terrie and Clifton
Mecham, Steven and Shelli
Mendenhall, Robert & Kathleen
Menlove, Kimberly
Merrill, Rebecca and Dennis
Mickelson, Wesley
Miles, Christopher
Milliken, John W.
Mineau, Geraldine and D.
Monti, Kim
Morris, Alan and Marilyn
Morrow, Kathleen
Moss, James D.
Munt, Katie
Narus, Scott and JoAnn
Neeleman, Stanley
Nielson, Matthew
Ondell, Rochelle
O'neill, Marina and David James
O'Shea, Ryan
Ottewell, Sandra
Page, Erin J.
Page, N. B.
Parker, Michael
Paulsen, Mary P.
Payne, Jennifer and Robert
Pell, Doug and Joyce
Perry, Robert and Jan
Price, Jennifer
Price, Lois and Robert
Prothero, Clark
Pulsipher, Melody
Quinney, David E. Jr.
Randall, Patti
Raybould, Robert W.
Rendle, Kyler
Ribera, Diana
Richards, Patricia and William Nichols
Richardson, Eric
Rindlispacher, Diane
Robertson, Scott J.
Robinson, James E.
Roemer, Kelly
Rogers, Mark
Rolfs, Robert
Ross, Paul A.
Roth, Frances Jayne
Ruff, Ron
Ruga, Jonathan
Russon, Jason
Sackman, Rebecca
Schenfeld, Eric
Schofield, Leslie B.
Schroyer, Karen
Scullion, Steve
Semmel, Jane Pett
Shapiro, Steven
Shaw, Gaylynn
Sherwin, Robert
Sibbett, Michael
Smidt, Carsten
Smidt, Laurie
Smith, Joshua
Smith, Lee
Smith, Robin, and Scott Sheridan
Snead, James and Laura
Spader, Jannie
Spencer, Nick and Kim
Spruance, Joanne and Spotswood
Steele, J. Michael
Steiner, Alice and Kevin
Stevenson, Tracy
Stillman , David and Susan Lyons
Stolfa, Chuck & Andrea
Stolfa, Frank C.
Stolte, Stephanie G.
Stone, Deann R.
Summy, Shanna
Talbot, Verl H.
Terry, Craig B.
Thatcher, J. Edward and Marsha
Thome, June and Paul
Thome, Paul
Traeger, William
Tripp, Joshua
Tyndall, Carol
Vickrey, Terry and Tazia
von Riotte, Alisa
Walker, Ryan
Walker, Stephen & Christine
Wallace, Erma and James
Warton, Elizabeth
Weaver, Jackie & Don
Weaver, Lindell
Wilkerson, Christine
Wilkinson, Jody
Williams, Arthur T.
Wimmer, Ray and Kim
Wiseman, Anthony
Witbeck, Keri
Woody, Robert and Barbara
Wright, Michael
Yost, Mary
Zimmerli, Albert and Lynada

$999 - $500
Abbott, Eddy & Kathy
Abercrombie, Lani
Acton, Chris & Gill
Adams, Erin and Evan
Adams, Zel
Adey, Nils
Ahlf, Joan Evans
Allen, Jason
Allen, Robert and Naomi
Allred, Christine A.
Anderson, Cathy
Anderson, Nick
Anderson, Robert and Lisa
Anderson, Tyna-Minet
Anjewierden, Dirk and Lisa
Apfelbaum, Ronald I.
Apgood, Becky and Craig
Asay, Karen and Karl
Avara, Daniel
Avery, Rebecca
Balk, Mark & Julie
Baun, Debra and John
Bayly, Tregaron
Bell, Kim
Bennett, Kyle
Benson, Gina
Bentley, Deborah and Dan
Bialowas, Anne
Bidwai, Vanamala and Arun
Blair, Dan
Bodeen, Kris
Boldt, Allan
Bowers, Kelli & Frank
Bown, Ashley
Boyle, David
Bradford, Jeffrey & Becki
Brain, Richelle
Branson, Donna and John
Branson, Mary Ann
Briggs, Melanie
Broadbent, Terry
Brough, Michael and Linda
Brown, Cydney M.
Brown, Cyndi
Brown, Darrel
Brown, Jerry and Pamela
Burn, Amber
Campbell, Debra R.
Carter, Jeannie and Lee
Chandramouli, Jane
Chatwin, Scott
Cherry, Jared
Christensen, Una Erin
Christian, Brian
Christiansen, Richard and Marsha
Clawson, Sierra
Clemens, Natalie
Clinger, Daniel H.
Cohne, Bruce
Coleman, Ali
Coleman, Thomas
Colessides, Nick J.
Compagno, Joseph
Cook, Carolyn
Corbett, Frank
Corley, Paige
Cottle, Daren
Cowley, Charles
Cox, James M.
Cox, Rod
Craig, Steve and Paul
Craw, Pamala
Crowe, Reed and Sherrie
Dalley, Michael
Davies, John
Deaver, Mike
DeBois, Steve
Dee, Candace and Thomas
Deesing, Kevin and Susan
Delgado, Victor
Demars, S. and Betty
Dinerstein, Sabra A.
Dolphin, Alexander
Doyle, Zane
Drown, Carrie and Randy
Dunbar, Barbara
Duyvesteyn, Saskia
Eborn, Jared
Eichers, Lynette
Ellison, Robert and Karen
England, Lisa
Ewoniuk, Jenifer
Facer, David
Farmer, Gladys C.
Farr, Fred
Fellows, John L.
Felt, John
Felton, Robert M.
Fleischer, Linda and Gerhard
Fleming, Pat
Flynn, Michelle and John
Fogarty, Krista
Folland, David and Elizabeth
Fosberg, Andrew
Fowles, Lois O.
Francis, Kelly
Gallimore, Leigh and Robert
Gardner, Carleen G.
Gardner, Robert
Gaskill, Doug
Graham, Robert and Joyce
Graves, Randin
Green, Rob
Green, Scott and Lori
Griffiths, Amber
Gull, Ashley
Gundlapalli, Madhu and Adi
Gutting, Scott A.
Gygi, Janice
Hamblin, Clinton
Handy, Garrett
Hansen, Brent
Hansen, Charles and Terri Case
Harris, Dale
Hauk, Nadine
Haussler, Kimberly
Hayes, Bernard L.
Healey, Fred
Hendricks, Larry
Herrick, Glenn A.
Hill, Aaron
Hill, Louise
Hillman, Kathy
Hoffman, Leon & Karen
Hoggan, Kent
Holley, Heather
Holman, Margaret
Holsten, Dolores
Honey, Joleigh
Horowitz, Jennifer and Seth
Horvat, Stephen
Horwitz, Barbara
Hosking, Craig
Howard, Tina and Larry
Howe, Mark
Huff, Casey
Hughey, Skylar
Hull, Ashlie
Jackson, Roy
Jackson, Scott
Jenkins, Lon A.
Jensen, Clyde
Jensen, Elaine and Douglas Stewart
Jensen, Rodney
Johnson, James
Johnson, Kathleen and Richard
Johnson, Keith
Johnson, Kevin
Johnson, Mark
Jones, Adam
Jones, Lara
Kasper, Joseph F.
Keller, Lorie
Keller, Robert and Lindsay
Keller, Sara
Kenny, Timothy F.
Kilgore, David and Julie
Kimura, Kiku
Kinder, Jamie
Kirton, Candice
Kofoed, Keith
Koga, Brenda N.
Kogianes, Steve and Jill
Krause, Todd
Kuhn, Renee
Kulp, Alana
Kurrus, Sarah and Thomas
Lambert, Mark
Lane, Jacqueline and Gary
Larsen, Marsha
Larson, Chuck
Lauman, Teresa
Lee, Dianna
Leiseth, Amy
Lewis, David
Lewis, G. Kay
Liechty, Michelle
Lindley, Corey
Liotiris, Caitlin
Lisonbee, Jill and Ronald
Liu, Dimity
Lont, Menno
Lowe, Sarah
MacPherson, John
Mantas, Emily S.
Marquardt, Susan R.
Marshall, William
Martin, Brad
Matson, Shelly
McDonald Kamm, Brian M. and Jamie
McGarrell, Paul
McNeil, James
McOmber, Warren and Virginia
Mian, Rebecka
Michaelis, James
Mickler, Heather
Miller, Melissa
Mills, Steve
Mills-Lake, Stacey
Miner, Sherri
Monson, John
Moore, Gary
Moore, Sean
Moreton, Edward B.
Morrow, Carolyn R.
Myrick, Robert D.
Nelson, Josh
Nelson, Mike
Nelson-Hadlock, Debra
Nersisian, Margarit
Nielsen, Martin
Noorda, Rick
Oakes, Gene
Olsen, Judy
Painter, Tom and LaDawn
Palmer, Steve
Pan, Jian-Jung
Patano, Ryan
Pattee, Jane
Pectol, Scott
Perry, Robert and Leslie
Pezely, Jeraldine and Jerry
Piercey, John F.
Ploquin, Pauline & David Allen
Pogue, Joanne E.
Pollick, Ryan
Posner, Zachary
Preece, Daniel
Pylidis, Elias
Quist, Channing
Ragan, Dan
Ragsdale, John and Sharon
Ramacher, Jana
Ratz, Marsha and Otto
Raybould, Ashlee
Reinhold, Robb
Reiser, Francis and Richard
Richards, Machel
Richardson, Lon and Zoe
Richardson, Paul
Richie, Annette Curtis
Rickers, Jerome
Ricks, Boyd
Robertson, Laurel
Roger, Carol and Gordon Rodgers
Rosenweig, Stan
Saadeh, George
Sanders, Jason
Scardelletti, Chris & Jenny Hewson
Scarpa, Rudy
Scholnick, Lauren and Steve Cook
Schooley, Cathy
Schramm, Peter
Schwager, Pete
Scott, Patrick
Sellers, Diane
Shah, Atul
Shah, Nayan and Neela
Shiflett, Kathleen
Shoari, Mo
Short, Russell
Shostak, Stewart
Simmon, Keith
Simmons, Rebecca and Paul
Slezak, John W.
Smith, Carol Jean
Smith, Dennis G.
Smith, Kelly
Smith, Nathan
Smithson, Kerry
Smithson, Merrie
Snyder, Spencer
Stamp, Melissa L.
Stanley, Mary
Stewart, Steven G.
Strasburg, Alex
Strong, Ronda
Taggart, David and Susan
Tate, Stephen
Taylor, Joan and Merlin
Tenney, Kristin
Terry, Erik
Thackeray, Beverly
Thomas, Sterling W.
Thompson, Trevor
Thummel, Carl and Suzanne Mansour
Traeger, Jennefer
Troxell, Mary
Valerio, Lisa
Vea, Tanya
Wade, Blake
Walton, John
Wardell, Don and Megan
Wardle, D.
Waters, Kelly
Webster, Peter and Linda
Wettstein, Daniel and Katie Ullman
White, Angela
White, Cherilyn
Whittle, Adrienne
Wightman, Jim
Wilson, Marilou and Robert
Wisan, Bruce
Wong, Ling
Wood, Breehan
Wood, Carole and Darrell Hensleigh