Update: New Homeless Resource Centers Transition

As we have been planning for some time, emergency shelter for single women has now moved from the downtown Salt Lake Community Shelter operated by The Road Home to the new Geraldine E. King and Gail Miller Homeless Resource Centers.
  • All single women in need of shelter can access shelter through our community’s Coordinated Intake by calling 801-990-9999 to determine the most appropriate location. Women can also access Coordinated Intake in person at the downtown Salt Lake Community Shelter or the Weigand Day Center.
The Road Home has a long history of providing shelter to single women. Our team is working closely with the staff at the new Centers to ensure a warm connection; as well as continuing to work with single women to help them obtain housing. We are happy to have these beautiful purpose-designed facilities and are confident in the skilled and knowledgeable staff of Volunteers of America Utah and Catholic Community Services of Utah to meet the needs of women experiencing homelessness.

New Men’s Resource Center

As the chosen operator, we are excited for the completion of the new Men’s Resource Center in South Salt Lake. The current timeline estimates the location will be finished in late October. This wonderful facility will help our staff continue to identify new methods to best serve people experiencing homelessness in our community. Having the oversight of Shelter the Homeless and our stakeholders involved in this new model will be extremely valuable. Together we can identify gaps and target resources for our community’s most vulnerable people.

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