Emergency Services

This past month in The Road Home’s Emergency Services (E.S.), we were able to assist clients with 75 birth certificates, 5 bus passes, 263 bus tokens, 2 vouchers for employment clothing/shoes/supplies, 10 job skills trainings, 1 application fee, and 87 identification cards.  We served 109 individuals with 101 Deseret Industries vouchers.

Our Emergency Services department was consistently stocked with hygiene items, school supplies, t-shirts, and socks.  In the coming month donations of shoes, underwear, and pants will help us meet the needs of those who turn to us for assistance.

During the month of March, our E.S. team was pleased to welcome four new volunteers. Volunteers in our E.S. department assist with distributing services and connecting clients to the resources they need.  Volunteers are invaluable in E.S. and we make great use of their time with tasks ranging from organizing inventory to helping clients at the front desk.  E.S. also wrapped up its first season visiting our Community Winter Shelter in Midvale.  Clients and case managers greatly appreciated the availability of E.S. services on-site.

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