Remembering a Friend

Today was a beautiful day at The Road Home.  With our Media-A-Thon in full swing, there were so many generous people who came out to show their support.   One group stood out from the many who visited our downtown shelter.  They pulled up with four SUV’s full of donations, we were stunned as they continued unloading baby supplies, clothing, wipes, diapers, coats, everything they could fit in their vehicles.  I was able to talk with Niki about what their donation drive was all about.  She told me that it was in honor of a friend who passed away earlier this year.  This friend stayed at The Road Home during a particularly difficult time in his young life.

While staying at The Road Home, this young man took the opportunity to cook for others, which kept him going as he worked to get back on his feet. After several months of hard work he was able to move out of the shelter and began cooking professionally.  He later opened a restaurant and was a successful chef and small business owner.

“We chose to do the clothing/coat drive in honor of him and knowing he would of wanted to give back to someone who did so much for him. Without the road home he wouldn’t have found the clarity of life he did in his last 2 years with us,” said Niki when asked about what inspired her friend’s donation drive.

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