Success Story: Kimberly

Many years ago, Kimberly and her children were living happily together in their home. Over time, Kimberly’s children moved out, she accumulated debt with a local Housing Authority, and she eventually found herself homeless. Finding herself in this dire situation, she turned to The Road Home for help.

With support from The Road Home staff, Kimberly was placed on several waiting lists for housing and began to work towards finding a permanent housing program that would be more appropriate to her current circumstances as a single, chronically homeless woman.

Soon, Kimberly was excited to hear she was being screened for an open unit at Grace Mary Manor. However, she was informed by the Housing Authority that she would not be approved until she paid off a past housing debt. Kimberly, not having any income, did not know how she would be able to pay the debt to the Housing Authority. Working with her case manager, Kimberly was able to apply and receive assistance from various programs to pay off her housing debt.

Kimberly is now happily housed at Grace Mary Manor and is happy to have a home where she can once again visit with her family.


To protect the privacy of the people we serve, we have changed the name of the individual in the story.

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