Brian and Leslie

Brian Douglas and his wife, Leslie, found themselves in a situation that they weren’t able to handle. Brian, a Veteran of the Vietnam War, had lost his arm during his service and had other physical ailments that caused a lot of struggles. Leslie, after a slip on some ice, broke her hip. Between the two they had mounting hospital bills that made it impossible for them to keep up on their housing bills.

After awhile, they were no longer able to live in the home that they had lived in for years. Brian and Leslie found themselves in a hotel, living off their monthly Disability payments. This transition made it impossible for them to take all of their belongings with them, especially a beloved piano. These payments were barely enough to cover living expenses, let alone the high hospital bills. They were financially sinking and seeking a way out of this horrific situation; so they reached out to a local Clergy Member. This Clergy Member helped them connect to The Road Home.

Brian and Leslie worked with the staff at The Road Home to find a housing program that would work for them. After hours and hours of hard work, the Douglas Family was able to find a program that would help them back into housing.

Brian and Leslie are now happy and safe in a new home, where they are able to have their belongings back – especially their piano which gives them so much joy.


To protect the privacy of the people we serve, we have changed the name of the individual in the story.

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