Acquisition of the Wendell Apartments

As part of our efforts to strengthen and grow housing options for individuals experiencing chronic homelessness, The Road Home assisted Shelter the Homeless to purchase the Wendell Apartments from Multi-Ethnic Housing in May 2013. These apartments have long been an affordable housing option in our community. As part of our commitment to provide supportive services, we converted one apartment into office space for case management and property management. The remaining 32 units are filled with individuals who would otherwise be homeless. As units become available, we are placing the most vulnerable, chronically homeless, individuals into those apartments.

We have partnered with the Salt Lake City Housing Authority and the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake to bring in federal housing vouchers which provide rental assistance vouchers to residents at the Wendell Apartments. These vouchers allow residents to pay 30 percent of their income towards rent which combined with the rental assistance provide enough income for us to operate the property effectively. The Road Home has also raised funds to complete a property renovation including upgrading electrical, mechanical, fire suppression, and air handling. We extend our deepest thanks to those who provided the funding to purchase and renovate the Wendell Apartments.


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