Experiences at The Road Home

The opportunity to teach children at the Road Home has been unique and incredible.

As a preschool teacher, I try to provide a positive, reinforcing environment where

the children can learn, create, imagine, grow and most importantly dream. Working

with them creates a sense of gratitude for what I have, and at the same time, hope

for a brighter tomorrow. I can recall few instances during the preschool sessions

that melt my heart. Once, as the session was ending, a mom came to pick up her son

who showed us a paper boat he made for them to go on a vacation. It meant so

much for him to be close to his family and take them towards a happier tomorrow.

Another time, a parent asked me if I was volunteering to teach the children and I

replied, “yes, with pleasure”. He seemed so thankful and happy. These experiences

are unmatchable and I would continue to teach these children for as long as I can.


Without the support and encouragement of the Road Home team and the Volunteer

Coordinator, this would not be possible. I thank them for trusting me with this

wonderful opportunity. I am very fortunate to be working with the children who

inspire and challenge my teaching abilities.


Amruta Narumanchi

To learn more about volunteering at The Road Home, please visit http://theroadhome.org/volunteer/

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