Registry Week 2013


In early November 2011 our community initiated the 100,000 Homes: Salt Lake City Campaign to support a national movement to house 100,000 chronically homeless individuals and families by July 2014. This collaborative local effort was supported by community leaders from the non-profit, governmental and business communities in Salt Lake County; all working to end homelessness in our communities.

In January 2013, between the hours of 4 am and 7 am, 30 teams made up of 114 staff and volunteers canvassed shelters, streets, parks, libraries and waterways of Salt Lake City in order to create a by name registry of individuals who experience homelessness. Teams conducted a vulnerability index that helped us prioritize individuals for scarce housing resources based on need.

Perhaps most remarkable is that during the Registry Week, nine vulnerable individuals (eight of whom were also chronically homeless), including three veterans, moved directly from the street and into housing. For some, this housing concluded decades of living in homelessness and set the stage for improvement in complex medical and behavioral health issues.


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