Karl, 64, first became homeless for a short time in 2000. In 2008, right after the US economy worsened Karl became homeless again. Because of some health issues and poor economic conditions, Karl was unable to obtain stable work. He spent many years at The Road Home, as a resident in the Men’s shelter. The first few years he was actively searching for employment, but became discouraged after no employers were willing to hire him.


This discouragement with employment, also gave Karl a sense of resistance to accept help from others. He stayed at The Road Home for several years as a resident. During this time he witnessed some of his close friends suffer from illnesses and pass away while staying in shelter. This was a wakeup call for Karl, he saw what his future could bring, and did not want to leave this life living in a shelter.


With this new epiphany Karl accepted the support from The Road Home’s case management team. Together they were able to find housing options that would work for Karl. Karl has now recently moved into his new apartment, where he has already settled in, and made it his new home. He will soon begin looking for employment.


To protect the privacy of the people we serve, we have changed the name of the individual in the story.

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