Finding the right place to live can be difficult for anyone; for individuals struggling economically the options are limited and the search becomes a daunting task. June had been working part-time at a local diner and was receiving some divorce benefits, however she was barely getting by. Her situation was such that she lost her home and found herself living at The Road Home.

With the help of her case manager she was able to find some new financial options she wasn’t able to find on her own. With this new temporary financial assistance she began a relentless search for an apartment.

Finally June found an open apartment that worked with her limited income. June was exuberant! But when she arrived at the unit to confirm her spot, she was told it had been taken that morning by someone else. Utterly disheartened, June was ready to give up. After talking with her case manager about this new development, The Road Home’s housing team contacted the landlord and worked out a solution to make the apartment available for June after all.

June was absolutely thrilled. “My grandbaby was born and I’m getting a home all in one day!” she told us, overjoyed. June is now happy and safe in a place that she calls home.

*The names of the individuals involved have been changed to ensure their privacy.

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