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Candy Cane Corner is a holiday program that provides assistance to homeless and low income families in Salt Lake. This holiday store is stoked with new items donated by the community and operated by volunteers. Candy Cane Corner helps families staying with The Road Home and enrolled in programs at the YWCA of Salt Lake and Volunteers of America, Utah.

This week, we have been working on setting up this year’s Candy Cane Corner location at 502 West 300 South. The building for the store is generously donated by the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake each year. We’ve had lots of volunteers come help with unpacking boxes, putting clothing on shelves, and organizing the store. We’d like to share some thoughts from one of our volunteer groups, PingIdentity, with you!

“Yesterday our Utah based employees got together for a volunteer day at Candy Cane Corner, a Christmas “store” sponsored by The Road Home. Candy Cane Corner is a way for families to maintain some dignity and sense of normalcy during the holiday season. Instead of having gift donations assigned directly to shelter residents, a nearby building is set up as a store so residents can “shop” for their own family members’ gifts. Those gifts are set aside and delivered to each family on Christmas evening, bringing a little Christmas magic into the lives of kids whose families are going through a difficult time. Our task was to start organizing and displaying the various toys, clothes, and school supplies at Candy Cane Corner. All the items in the store are brand new donations; we were told to set aside any used items. They would still be used at the shelter but wouldn’t be delivered as someone’s Christmas present.
A big thank you to Kelli and The Road Home team for the opportunity to help, and for all the great work you do for the less fortunate in Utah.” – Jason Arrington, PingIdentity

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