Kids Finding Success – Joseph

Joseph is the third generation of his family to experience chronic homelessness. At age 11, he has been homeless multiple times. When he was 8 Joseph and his family moved to Palmer Court. Going to school was a difficult thing. Joseph had many learning disabilities and behavioral issues, and although he was receiving intensive services through the school district, school was not his favorite pastime.

During the first year of living at Palmer Court Candace, Joseph’s mother, made a commitment to get her children to school every day and to really give them support they needed, the support she wished she had had as a child. Candace followed through with that commitment, and was an active participant in her children’s education. The next year Joseph was able to “step down” to a lower level of intensive services at school.

Now, three years later, the family has moved out of Palmer Court and is living happily in their new home. Candace came back to visit Palmer Court and reported that Joseph loves his new school and that his teacher is impressed with how much he assists the other students. He is the last one to eat lunch because he helps out the other children and teachers. He loves learning and is excited to attend school and is a role model for his younger siblings.


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