Joshua had lived at The Road Home off and on for a number of years. He suffered from multiple mental health conditions, which led to some criminal activity and behavior-related evictions throughout his life. Recently, he had begun receiving treatment for his mental health diagnosis from a local clinic. He felt more in control of his actions and ready to have his own apartment again.

Joshua turned to the housing office at The Road Home for help finding an apartment. His income was such that he could qualify for most apartments, however because of his criminal history and the evictions in his past, most landlords turned him away. After several weeks of failing to find an apartment, Joshua began to despair. He felt he would never have a stable home of his own where he could reunite with his best friend and companion: his dog. While looking for housing, his dog had been living at the home of a friend.

Joshua never gave up and at last, those in the housing office at The Road Home found a landlord who was sympathetic to Joshua’s situation and willing to give him a fresh start. Joshua is now happily living in his new home with his dog, and determined to make the best of his second chance.

Holding a happy dog in his lap, Joshua exclaimed, “I can’t thank you enough! This means the world to me.”

*The names of the individuals involved have been changed to ensure their privacy.

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