Nicole lived in and out of shelter’s most of her life. A few individuals in her family struggled with substance abuse, which made it impossible for them to stay in housing. When Nicole was a teenager, her dad and older sister decided they needed to clean up and become a better example for Nicole. Together with the help of a case manager from The Road Home, they were able to move into permanent supportive housing.

Nicole, by this time, was in High School. She connected with her family’s case manager when she realized the high school she was attending was the same high school the case manager attended years before. The case manager kept a watchful eye on Nicole. Nicole confided in the case manager that she was being picked on at school, getting into fights, and wanted to drop out. The case manager worried that she would drop out and that would lead her down a tough road, but she surprised everyone and enrolled into an alternative high school the next week.

This school was a much better fit for Nicole, and she continued to work hard and do well in school. Nicole not only went to school, but worked at KFC and Arby’s to earn and save up money for college. Nicole successfully graduated high school and enrolled in the community college with plans to go the University next year.

Although Nicole’s mom and brother continue to struggle with drug addiction, Nicole and her father and sister remain strong and supportive of each other. We are all so proud on Nicole and the positive influence she has had on her dad and older sister.

*The names of the individuals involved have been changed to ensure their privacy.

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