Each individual that we serve has different needs. For some people a little bit of assistance and a little bit of case management isn’t enough, they need more support. Palmer Court, a permanent supportive housing unit, gives that support. Through continued case management and a great community atmosphere, people are able to overcome issues that have been present as long as they can remember. We have seen that with continued support many individuals who had not been successful in stabilizing their life in the past, are able to find success, stability, and self reliance in these programs. Jackie is an example of an individual who needed continued support to overcome the struggles of her past.

When we first met Jackie, she had spent an extended period of time at the shelter. While there she struggled with substance abuse and mental illness. While at the shelter Jackie started working with case managers, who realized that Jackie would need continual assistance for a period of time to help her overcome her struggles. Through her hard work, Jackie was able to qualify for housing assistance and move into Palmer Court.

After a rough start at Palmer Court, Jackie has worked hard over the past two years and has overcome her issues. She has embraced some of her limitations and is utilizing the services around her to better understand coping skills, and medication management. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t have a smile and a cracker-jack quip, and she is willing to compromise when things don’t work out. Jackie is able to stay on budget, is always responsible to pay things early, and never misses an appointment. It is so wonderful to see her overcome homelessness, addiction, and adversity to stigma associated with mental illness. Jackie is truly an inspiration.

*The names of the individuals involved have been changed to ensure their privacy.

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