Derek had been homeless for the past 20 years, moving from place to place Derek had never settled down anywhere for too long. Fortunately during the annual Point-in-Time count the Volunteers of America Homeless Outreach Team found Derek. They were quickly able to connect him with The Road Home and Veterans Affairs. Derek was excited to work with The Road Home’s Veterans Housing team and the Veterans Affairs office to help him receive military benefits he was eligible for, and help Derek find housing opportunities.

Shortly after working with The Road Home and Veteran’s Affairs, Derek was found by the outreach team under a highway overpass having suffered a stroke. He was rushed to a hospital and in critical condition. The community rallied around Derek. Many community partners were there to help Derek through his time in critical condition, helping to check his status for his benefits and housing. Derek was soon able to move from critical condition to rehabilitation care, and then into a home of his own where he continues to recover. With the help of many of our wonderful community partners, Derek was able to receive the care he needed and the community was able to give back to a veteran who had given so much to them.

*The names of the individuals involved have been changed to ensure their privacy.

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