Randon’s Volunteer Experience

Volunteering for the book club has been a very enlightening experience for me. I have always been a firm believer in the importance of reading, and my experience with the book club has definitely fueled that belief. Many of the kids who come in for the book club are very timid at first. It can be difficult to get them to even speak to you. I think that holds true for the men more than the women, as we can tend to be seen as more intimidating I suppose. However, in most situations, I’ve found that just a few minutes with a good book and the kids really open up and have fun. The books provide a link between the volunteers and the children that would otherwise be very difficult to establish. And despite what is going in the lives of these kids, for an hour each week we get to give them a fun escape from everything else. It is a truly rewarding experience. In fact, I often wonder who benefits from this more, the children or the volunteers.

- Randon Purcell

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