Thanksgiving at Sunrise Metro

The holidays are one of our favorite times at The Road Home because of the opportunity they afford us to gather together our community, supporters, residents, family and friends. When a group of passionate people come together, we can accomplish great things – whether it’s dinner for over 100 residents at Sunrise Metro, a housing development for formerly chronically homeless men & women, or moving a family back into housing.

Our board member, Tony Smith, help organize this year’s Thanksgiving meal at Sunrise Metro, he’d like to share that experience with you:
“On November 22, 2012, Thanksgiving Dinner was prepared and served by Members of The Road Home board of trustees, Services Committee, and friends of the organization, and the Sunrise Metro Community Council. Because of the collaboration and generosity of so many, it was a huge success!
The following individuals all played a HUGE part in ensuring the event was well organized and a good time was had by all. Either through direct donation, or by volunteering to assist in the kitchen and serving food, we could not have done it without everyone involved.
Bev Uipi
Michelle Monical
Daela Taeoalii-Higgs
Richard Humpherys (Bishop Storehouse, Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints) Diana Leka
Dorothy Rose
Brettney Smith
Megan (Case Manager @ Sunrise Metro)

There were also a couple of families and other volunteers who came down to assist. If anyone was left out, I apologize, we love all of you for your loving service! With all of the running around and cooking I was doing, it was difficult to take note of every individual.

With the help of others, I was able to prepare and feed everyone an excellent Thanksgiving meal, including; turkey, ham, yams, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, stuffing, rolls, olives, cranberry sauce, and fruit cocktail, and pie. We also had a selection of soda and bottled water. When preparing to feed 100+ people, including family members and friends of Sunrise Metro residents, I consider having a varied selection with something for every appetite a huge accomplishment!

The community council at Sunrise Metro was also very active in the potato peeling party that morning. We had 8-10 of the guys show up and peeled and cut up the potatoes in preparation for boiling.  They had coffee, fresh fruit, and cinnamon rolls to keep them nourished and all enjoyed music playing throughout the dining hall.

Everything went much smoother this year than in years past, and should go even better next year. We continue to learn and grow with these great individuals.”
- Tony Smith, Board Member at The Road Home

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