In 2011 Samantha lost her job which caused her to also lose her home. When she first came to the shelter she was quiet and kept to herself. She diligently looked for jobs, and although she found some temporary positions, she couldn’t find a long term position. Samantha became disheartened and started drinking and using drugs.

During this time she would visit our emergency services offices to get various clothing that she needed. Our staff listened to her stories, and started looking out for her. One day she came into the office and said she was tired of the lifestyle she was currently living, and asked if the staff knew of some organizations she could volunteer with. She indicated that volunteering would help keep her off the street and away from the addictive behaviors she had been participating in.

Samantha threw herself into her volunteer work, she came for every shift on time and worked hard. When she wasn’t volunteering she was looking for jobs. The staff was so impressed by her change in lifestyle and her dedication. If she found a job listing that required a permit, she would immediately apply for the permit, receive it, then apply to the job. Although Samantha was able to get many jobs, she still was only finding short term positions.

Samantha didn’t give up though, she kept applying, working the jobs she could, and kept volunteering. Finally she was able to find a job at a hotel during the day and a second job that she could work in the evening, which gave her the income she needed for a place of her own. After her long struggle, Samantha is now happy and safe in her new home.

 *The names of the individuals involved have been changed to ensure their privacy.

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