For many individuals their pursuit of a job and stable living environment becomes harder, because they don’t have some of the essential documents needed such as birth certificates and ID. Earlier this year Suzanne was struggling with this very dilemma.

Suzanne first came in to our Emergency Services offices and needed to get her ID, which she couldn’t get because she was missing her birth certificate. It took a little while and a little searching but soon our Emergency Services staff was able to get her her birth certificate, and soon after her ID.

Once she had these necessary documents she was able to start searching for a job. As she searched, Suzanne received references to many places and was finally able to find a job at a food establishment, she just needed her food handlers permit first. Immediately Suzanne went to take the class so she could get her permit.

Suzanne is now happily employed, which has helped her to find a safe place to live and create the stable living environment she was striving for.

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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