Proud to be Home

I deliver weekly food boxes for The Road Home Chronically Homeless Program. I had one man named Ryan who I delivered to and one day, he invited me into his house because he wanted to show me how clean he kept things. I was a little hesitant about going in, but I had delivered to him for several weeks. He was always so thankful and appreciative, and I felt he had earned my trust.

Once inside he scurried from room to room and motioned me to follow him. He seemed to beam as he showed me each room of what was a small apartment created by an old house being sectioned off into 4 units. The furniture was minimal and obviously worn, and the house and neighborhood reflected that of a lower socioeconomic population.

I was so overwhelmed by his sense of pride in having his own place and being able to keep it so clean. One would have thought that he just moved into a million dollar mansion.

Although I have not delivered to Ryan for a significant period of time, I often think of him whenever I go to deliver the food boxes. He truly is inspiring and demonstrates what housing does for one’s feeling of empowerment and pride.

- Brenda Koga

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