Thank You Chief Burbank

On behalf of everyone involved in our agency, I would like to personally thank Chief Chris Burbank of the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Over the past couple of years we have been working with the Downtown Alliance, the City, and the police department to clean up Rio Grande Street. This summer, under Chief Burbank’s thoughtful leadership, the environment along the Rio Grande Corridor and 500 West in Salt Lake City has improved dramatically. With the support of his team, Chief Burbank and his officers have applied a brilliant enforcement/service strategy that has yielded measurable results.

Those dealing drugs have used our neighborhood’s easy access on and off the Interstate as their lucrative profit center. While taking advantage of the high volume of buyers coming to them in vehicles from across the Wasatch Front, these dealers could also prey upon some of people who turn to our agency for services who had become destitute as a result of their addictions.

Chief Burbank’s team has effectively sorted through the complexity and with great precision targeted the predators attempting to hide among our brothers and sisters in need. As a result of Chief Burbank and his dedicated team, those of us frequenting the Rio Grande Corridor have witnessed its improved aesthetics, health, and safety.

This is no easy task, nor are the issues plaguing our society so simple as to be conveniently addressed overnight. But Chief Burbank’s ingenuity in aggressively rooting out the criminal element metastasizing in our neighborhood has made it possible for us to provide a new and expanded outreach program, targeted to reach people in need on our streets. Chief Burbank has simultaneously collaborated with the city, the Downtown Alliance, and with agencies like ours who are devoted to helping members of our community in need. This feat truly embodies the essence of what it means to serve and protect.

All of us at the Road Home would like to thank you Chief Burbank and your devoted team at the Salt Lake City Police Department.

- Matthew Minkevitch

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