Introducing SET

Early this summer, The Road Home launched a new program, the Street Engagement Team (SET) which is funded by the Salt Lake County Council of Governments (COG). The Road Home and its partners developed the SET program to respond to the need for services from individuals who congregate on the streets and parks in the shelter neighborhood. The goal of the SET is to help vulnerable and chronically homeless individuals into their own home and connect them with needed community services.

The SET consists of two staff members each from The Road Home and Volunteers of America. Team members interact with people on the streets each day. As team members meet with people they assess how vulnerable they are in their current living situation and what we or our partner agencies can to do help. It can take time to develop a relationship of trust with individuals. A first connection may be helping the individual get a nutritious meal, or address a medical need. A key component of their work is to assess and prioritize individuals with the greatest medical and behavioral health vulnerability and help our housing team to get those individuals housed. This team is doing incredible work every day. Thanks to COG and our partners for their support.


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