Lacy recently moved into one of our single units here at Palmer Court. Before moving into Palmer Court, Lacy was chronically homeless; living on the streets off and on for around 15 years. Lacy is a survivor of domestic violence and often escaped to the streets to get away from the abuse. It was not uncommon for Lacy to sleep behind dumpsters, on park benches and occasionally in the women’s shelter.

When Lacy arrived at Palmer Court her health was not very good. She was suffering from malnutrition, poor personal hygiene, depression and was confined to using a walker due to a number of health issues. Lacy was also struggling with an addiction to alcohol which has been the cause of many failed attempts to move her life into a more positive direction.

In the short amount of time Lacy has been here at Palmer Court she has been able to make some incredible progress. Thanks to the Utah Food Bank and food orders from Welfare Square, Lacy has been able to get her diet back on track by preparing healthy meals each day. This combined with a safer living environment has allowed Lacy to make new friends, which has drastically helped with her depression as well as her outlook on life.

As Lacy has met with her case managers she has reported that having the extra support given to her at Palmer Court has really helped her in many ways, but especially in maintaining her sobriety, “I don’t need to drink to numb out the world and survive.” When her case manager asked her what her favorite thing was about living at Palmer Court, she replied with a smile on her face “It’s a toss-up between being able to close my door and be safe in my own space and being able to take a shower any time I want for as long as I want. I just love it here!” We are so excited to have Lacy here at Palmer Court and to see her growth as she continues to make positive changes in her life.

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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