Success Story – Jasmine

After being released from prison, Jasmine found it hard to start over. For years she moved from halfway house to halfway house, and eventually ended up at The Road Home. Jasmine wanted to find a place to live but because of her felony charge and her inability to pay a large deposit, she was denied at every place she applied.

Although it was disheartening to keep running into the same road blocks, Jasmine didn’t give up. Jasmine decided to come to The Road Home’s housing office and do an assessment to see if she would qualify for one of our housing programs. Working with a housing specialist from The Road Home, Jasmine was able to find a place to live within the month.

As Jasmine was moving into her new home she happily said to her housing team, “Thank you so much! I had thought I was going to live the last years of my life on the streets, but that doesn’t worry me at all anymore.”

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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