A Letter from Kamie F. Brown

Dear Friends of The Road Home,

One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Plato: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” Among the many hard battles fought by humankind is that of homelessness. With your support, The Road Home utilizes a network of resources, including temporary shelter, housing, and services to help people overcome homelessness. This year, we have assisted 681 families, including 1,348 children.

At The Road Home, we build new hope as we accompany each person on their personal journey toward self-reliance and permanent housing. In short, The Road Home offers HELP to HOPE to HOME.

We have worked hard to secure additional housing solutions in our community, including the recent purchase of the Wendell Apartments. Those now living in the Wendell Apartments previously used a total of over 15,000 shelter nights. We have been very busy working to improve the Community Winter Shelter in Midvale, and are so grateful for all those who are partnering with us in this endeavor. We continue to work in collaboration with our sister agencies to end homelessness among veterans. We are devoted to finding solutions to overcome homelessness through housing, and to serve those who come to us in their time of need with dignity, compassion and respect.

I am proud of The Road Home team and profoundly grateful for the opportunity to serve with such inspiring human beings. Whether attending board meetings with wonderfully talented and diverse individuals, raising money that enables us to provide important services to those we serve, talking with city councils in search of workable solutions, gathering backpacks for school children, organizing a dinner at the shelter, or working at Candy Cane Corner, I always walk away from this work with a very full heart, and the knowledge that I have had the privilege of working with true angels on earth. Among them are the incredible staff and volunteers of The Road Home. Their dedication to our mission is unmatched.

Many of you have supported The Road Home in countless ways, and we extend our sincere thanks and true appreciation for your invaluable help. We cannot do it alone. With your continued support, we will help families who turn to us in their time of need, protect children who are counting on us, supply shelter and provide safety for the most vulnerable individuals in our community.


Kamie F. Brown – Board President


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