A Letter from Matthew Minkevitch

Dear Friends of The Road Home,

This past year may be remembered best as the year our community significantly reduced homelessness among veterans. Working in conjunction with a broad collaboration, our admirable team helped scores of veterans who had been on the streets, some for years, to secure housing.

Our housing efforts continued with the leasing up of the Wendell Apartments. In smaller apartment buildings like the Wendell, our agency sees opportunities to acquire, renovate, and create housing for those among the most in need. People who for too long have gone without a place to call home will find refuge and access to services.

During this year, we worked to secure the funding to replace declining infrastructure. For too long our facility in Midvale has been in a state of decline. This is more than just a “fixer upper.” This old warehouse, originally built to store celery in 1946, must now be replaced. We have the new facility designed; demolition will take place in the coming spring. The new building will be in place within six months after that. We are encouraged that we will provide better service to people from our new facility in Midvale.

But rebuilding shelters is not our ultimate goal. Creating the deeply affordable housing for people who will otherwise need to live in the sheltering system is our best solution toward significantly reducing homelessness in our cities and on our streets.

Rebuilding the Midvale Shelter is like replacing a segment of the Interstate; it helps people to have a better journey on their way home. Home remains the ultimate destination.

It is from this point that our beautiful work continues. Thank you for making it possible.




Matthew Minkevitch – Executive Director


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