How Ty Andersen Changed the World

At ten years old, Ty Andersen changed the world for a countless number of people and all because of a seemingly simple scout project. While waiting for the bus, he heard Keith Stubbs on the radio talking about The Road Home. Ty became curious and asked his mom about what The Road Home was and they decided to investigate it after school.

After school that day, Ty came home and researched The Road Home on the computer. Immediately he knew what his service project would be – he would help people who didn’t have homes. Ty went out and talked to everyone he met at school, his friends, and his family about collecting donations for people who needed it. Within the first week, Ty and his mom drove all around the town picking up donations from everyone who talked to Ty, and soon they had an entire horse trailer full of donations.

As a family they drove from their home in Wyoming and brought their donations to The Road Home. This was an eye-opening, life-changing experience for the whole family. Each year, for the past eight years, the family has gathered and brought not one but now two horse trailers full of donations from their community to The Road Home – all because a ten year old boy was inspired to do something for others.

We are so incredibly grateful to Ty Andersen and his family for the lives they have inspired and the help they have brought to the people we serve.

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