Mae and Penny’s Incredible Art

Eight year old Mae was in Salt Lake City with her family one day and was touched by all of the people she saw on the streets. When she got home she decided she wanted to do something to help. With the help of her 5 year old sister, Penny, they created and sold their art. Along with selling their art they started collecting blankets and coats from their neighbors and friends. Soon they had raised over $500 and found companies to match what they raised, tripling their donation.

Together the family went shopping and purchased boots, clothing, underwear, socks, waterproofing spray, ponchos, diapers, formula, and bottles, then brought all of the items with the donations of coats, blankets, and sweaters to The Road Home.

After delivering the donations their mom commented, “No matter how small we may feel, we can make a difference! My kids taught me so much about kindness, love, resourcefulness, and goodness. I am so grateful for them – for the big hearts they were born with and for how they help me to see so many things I have forgotten. I will never forget this Christmas.”

We are so incredibly moved by these two girls and their kindness and compassion. They have changed the lives of the people we serve with their donation, but we have also been changed by their amazing example. Thank you Mae and Penny!


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