Paige’s Socks

A few weeks before Christmas, Paige went shopping with her dad and brother to find just the right presents her mom. They had found great presents for their mom and they were about to check out. They put their gifts on the counter to purchase when Paige added some socks to the pile. Her dad surprised by Paige adding the socks, said that they were nice socks but not a necessary purchase for this trip. Paige, however, was adamant. She said, “Dad, either you buy them, or I will buy them with my own money.” Seeing that this was an important purchase for his daughter, he stopped to ask Paige why she wanted to buy them. “I got socks like these for my birthday and they are so warm and comfy, someone at the homeless shelter will really need these socks.”

Needless to say, the socks came home with the other packages. The cashier even heard the conversation and gave them a discount. Later that week, the socks and some other items made their way to the shelter where they can help the people we serve.

Paige loves helping the people who stay the shelter so much that she is spending some of her Christmas vacation knitting and crocheting scarves and hats to take to the shelter before the end of winter. We are so inspired and grateful for Paige and her generosity, compassion, and love! Thank you Paige!


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