Mrs. Pike’s 6th Grade Class


Today we received the letter below and were moved by the generosity of these kids!

Jan. 2015

Dearest Road Home,

My class was so excited to do a Christmas service project. Each night, they collected an amount of money based on how many materialistic items they had. For example, one night, they counted the number of pairs of socks they had & gave 10₵ for each pair. Another night, they counted how many blankets they had & gave a quarter for each one. With love, they shared and wanted to make those who are less fortunate comfortable and warmer. Please use this money to help those in need.

Thank you for this wonderful uplifting opportunity.

Happy New Year!

With love,

Mrs. Pike & Friends

Orchard Elementary 6th Grade


Thank you so much to Mrs. Pike and her amazing students for their inspiring donation!


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