A Holiday Thank You

We are so incredibly grateful to all of the volunteers who made the holidays special for all of the people we serve! Each volunteer worked hard to make sure everyone had a great holiday season.

Thank you to everyone who donated hygiene bags. We had over 1,000 hygiene bags donated from wonderful members of the community! Hygiene bags were given to each of the single men and women in the shelter.

We are also sincerely grateful to all of the groups who held fun activities for our families such as the Larry H. Miller Group who took our families to see the movie “Elf” and collected over 10,000 pairs of socks; Woods Cross High School who hosted our families and single women for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner; and Pepa Taufu for taking our families to Loveland Living Planet Aquarium and to dinner. Each group that came to The Road Home to serve our families and single residents truly made an impact on the clients we serve.

Finally, a very big thank you to the almost 800 volunteers who worked throughout the very successful Holiday Broadcast!

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