Jackson’s Story

Jackson lived on the streets in Salt Lake City and in camp sites along the Jordan River away from the city for 22 years. Due to severe mental health issues, he was unable to maintain employment. While living in a campsite along the Jordan River, Jackson met members of the Volunteers of America, Utah outreach team. Team members would check on Jackson weekly and tried to connect him to mainstream community resources. After months of meeting with Jackson, The Volunteers of America, Utah outreach team were able to convince Jackson to enter The Road Home Shelter. While in shelter Jackson was able to connect with a case manager who was able to connect him with mental health resources and eventually apply for housing. After several months, Jackson was placed into The Road Home’s permanent supportive housing facility, Palmer Court.

Jackson continually tells his case manger how grateful he is for Palmer Court and the support he receives there. Yet it’s his case manager and other staff at Palmer Court, who feel lucky to have Jackson as a part of their community. Jackson continually reminds all of the people he meets that behind an unassuming demeanor is a person who loves music, cooking, and whose infectious laugh makes everyone around him smile.

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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