Caleb’s Story

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In June, Caleb’s life took an unexpected turn when he became a single father to his young son. This change in his circumstances led to him losing his stable job. Caleb didn’t give up and began doing temporary work to continue to support his son and himself.

After a couple of months, due to not being able to maintain his bills and rent, Caleb and his son came to The Road Home. Caleb was not discouraged by his circumstances. He worked hard with his case manager to find new opportunities and took advantage of every possible offer of support so he could change his situation.

Caleb and his son were able to move into an apartment of their own right before the holidays in December 2014. Through his dedication and determination, Caleb was able to find a full-time job and high-quality daycare for his son. He keeps a detailed spreadsheet of his budget and makes sure to reserve part of his paycheck to save for the future.

Caleb is continually trying to find ways to improve life for his family. He recently met with a counselor at the University of Utah to discuss the possibility of financial aid and daycare for his son so he can continue his education. We are so honored to be a part of Caleb’s journey and are proud of all the wonderful things he has accomplished.

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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