Colton’s Story

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Colton lived on the streets for two years before he came to The Road Home. Colton suffers from numerous medical disorders including high blood pressure, blindness in one eye, and a seizure disorder which would leave him temporarily paralyzed. His homelessness was exasperated by his numerous medical conditions.

Fortunately, street outreach teams in our community were able to find Colton and refer him to services at The Road Home and 4th Street Clinic. At The Road Home, Colton started working with a case manager who was able to help him get approved, and move into an apartment at Palmer Court.

Since arriving at Palmer Court, Colton has been able to benefit from programs such as food stamps, medical treatment, emergency services, and case managers who are a positive support system and able to regularly check in with him.

Before moving into his new home at Palmer Court, Colton was quiet and reserved as he carried the heavy burden of trying to survive on the streets. Since living in his apartment, he has been able to let go of his burdens while becoming more outgoing and engaging with those around him. Our staff has loved seeing the change in him.

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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