What If By Helping Others You Found a Hidden Talent Inside You?


I’d like to share a story with you this morning. And this is particularly relevant to you who are here for the first time today.

13 years ago, May 2002, I attended this One By One Breakfast with my friend Katy McDaniel for the first time.  I remember my emotions and reaction, to what I’d just learned….It hit me hard!!  I wanted to lend a hand…….help……volunteer wherever I could.  So many years later I’m so proud to say I’M PART OF THE TEAM.


Our volunteers donate precious time and resources, all managed by The Road Home Staff.  Our Volunteer work is coordinated efforts to fulfill the needs of the residents. I can’t imagine a more rewarding endeavor and will continue to serve as a volunteer as long as I am able.


About a year & a half later in 2003 during a Services Committee Meeting Celeste Eggert asked our committee if we knew of anyone who could be a Santa Claus for a press conference in early December, kicking off the Candy Cane Corner.  I raised my hand………I haven’t a clue why……. but I raised my hand!!  This brought a whole new meaning to being a volunteer……..from what I had ever envisioned.

During the press conference I was so wiggly, in my new Santa Claus Suit at the, but all went well. (All the TV stations were recording the meeting for the news)  I borrowed the suit from my dear friend and Santa Mentor Max Harding.

Our committee had another idea to have Santa Claus make an appearance at the Holiday Blitz…… and yes this too went remarkably well.

My life took a dramatic turn in December of 2003……….. and I believe I’ve worked myself into a steady job around the Christmas Holidays!!

**Because of our limited time today you’ll have to hear more of the details as to how this evolved at another time.

It takes hundreds of volunteers to assist in staffing all the stations necessary to make a successful Holiday Blitz each December. We are many, and the team effort to push for a better fund raiser of the year is so exciting.


Back on getting volunteers like you involved with The Road Home……  You may find out things about yourself you didn’t know existed.

Now..……..stick with me here!

  • What if…… in the process of helping others you found something inside you, you’d never seen before?
  • What if……. by helping others……lending a hand……you found a hidden talent inside you?
  • What if……. by helping others your own life changed in a profound way?

My life changed in unimaginable ways. Now I’m not promising anything here today…….I’m just sayin’!!

They say we all have hidden talents and special skills, which many times are concealed……..and go undetected.

What if …….by volunteering to help others…. your life became more rewarding than you ever thought possible ………?

Because of The Road Home I found a way to help others that’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done…….with the exception of my own dear family of course.

Because of The Road Home a powerful part of my life found me!

Thank you for this opportunity to share this with you this morning.


Thank you—Bless you all—Please join us!!!

 - Speech given by Merlin Taylor at The Road Home’s 2015 One by One Breakfast

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