Monica’s Journey Home

Monica and her daughter Alice had been experiencing homelessness for approximately 5 years. Monica having some severe health issues, struggled to keep a stable job. On top of that, Alice had severe mental health issues that caused her to be admitted and released from the state hospital on a number of occasions. After fleeing an abusive relationship, Monica and Alice turned to The Road Home for support. Monica worked diligently with her case manager to connect with services that could help her and her daughter. Most importantly, she and her case manager worked on finding a safe place for her family to live. After a few months, they were able to move into an apartment at Palmer Court.

Palmer Court, a permanent supportive housing complex, proved to be an amazing fit for Monica and Alice. With the continued support of their case manager, Monica was able to find a great job that gave her stable income. Their case manager also continued helping them to connect with mental health resources for Alice. These connections to some of our community partners made it possible for her to receive the treatment she needed. Once Alice’s mental health issues were under control, she was able to work with another community partner to receive job training.

Over the past five years, Monica and Alice were able to grow and thrive. Now, Alice is in her second year of college and working part-time at a job she loves. Both mom and daughter have been able to move out of Palmer Court and into an apartment of their own, and are happy and safe in their new homes!

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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