A Letter from our Executive Director – Winter Newsletter 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to provide three brief updates involving our beloved agency.

Our agency endorses the homeless services site evaluation commission’s resolution regarding homeless services.

Our agency has fully participated on Mayor Becker’s Homeless Services Site Evaluation Commission, aptly led by Co-Chairs Gail Miller and Palmer DePaulis. While the commission’s deliberations ensued, Mayor McAdams added depth and breadth to the dialogue by establishing his Collective Impact Steering Committee. The committee’s work dovetailed with the work of Mayor Becker’s Commission and our agency has endorsed their joint recommendations. We have provided links to the work of both groups in this newsletter.

Affordable housing serves as the once of prevention and the pound of cure.

One of the key principles that garnered our agency’s support for this resolution is the long view that it takes regarding the need for deeply affordable housing and for greater access to services for those embroiled in health crises, including substance use disorders. The one common denominator for anyone who turns to us in need of shelter is housing. By creating more deeply affordable housing opportunities across our state, we can help to reduce the need for people to turn to shelters in the first place.

Our new facility in Midvale is open!

We have successfully assisted approximately 65 families, consisting of 223 individuals into our newly constructed facility in Midvale. Numerous volunteers, teammates, and friends from other agencies made this possible.

I want to extend a special thanks to Mike Hogan, Dwight Packard, Gil Graser, and the team at Hogan Construction for delivering such a high quality product on time and within budget. I would also like to thank Selvam Rajavelu, Tim Jessop, and the remarkable team at NJRA Architects for their thoughtful guidance throughout this process. I want to extend a very special thanks to our key funders who helped us replace that old celery warehouse with a new facility that provides humane accommodation for families in need of shelter. Of course, I want to thank each of you for ushering this from wish to reality.

There remains a great deal of work to be done. But right now, families are with us, safe and secure, in Midvale.

Thank you again,

Matthew Minkevitch

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