Natasha’s Story

Natasha and her family were living happily in their home which they rented. Earlier this year, their landlord passed away and his family had to sell the property where Natasha and her family lived. The new landlord had new plans for the home and gave Natasha and her family an eviction notice. Although Natasha was working full time for Taco Bell, she had a hard time finding a place she could afford which would be large enough for her and her four children. Soon the time came when she had to leave her home. With no place to go, she and her four children came to The Road Home.


At The Road Home Natasha did not let her situation keep her down. She worked hard at her job at Taco Bell, and equally hard with her case manager to complete the paperwork she needed to get approved for a housing program. During her stay at the Road Home, Natasha suffered many health issues that kept her going back to the hospital, and though this slowed Natasha’s process, it did not dampen her spirits or stop her from continually striving to reach her goal of moving her family back into housing.


Natasha’s drive and her willingness to work with her case managers and The Road Home’s housing locators, led her to find a new apartment which she could afford before the holidays. She continues to work with her case manager to connect to resources to help her with her health issues, and to help her children excel in their new school and new home.


Natasha wrote to her case manager in a holiday card she recently sent, “Without this program I truly believe that we would still be homeless. We thank The Road home housing program for giving us back our family dignity and the respect of my kids.” One of her children added, “Thank you because you helped us find a home of our own, which will unite the family more and help us be a better family.”

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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