A Letter from our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to provide you a brief update regarding a few of our agency’s key accomplishments over the past year. We have made some measurable progress.

We have a new Community Winter Shelter located in Midvale. This facility provides refuge for families seasonally each winter. We are deeply grateful to Hogan Construction and NJRA Architects for their dedication and wisdom throughout the course of construction.

This year, we also completed the renovation of the Wendell Apartments. We want to extend a special thanks to the thoughtful experts at VCBO Architects and Kier Construction for their efforts in making this possible. Over the past two years, Wendell has served as permanent supportive housing for people who lived in our shelter or on the streets for years.

With both of these efforts, we provide people an opportunity to overcome adversity, to begin again and to heal. In shelter, our agency can provide immediate relief to a person’s homelessness crisis. In housing and with supportive services, we can help people leverage their skills and overcome homelessness. Both are critical: shelter providing immediate relief and housing offering a permanent solution.

Thanks to our efforts in creating permanent housing opportunities, our agency has turned a very important corner in our development:

On any given night, we have more people residing in housing throughout Salt Lake County than we have residents staying with us in the downtown shelter. This is critically important when realizing that across America, almost 60 percent of homeless people in families are children (U.S. HUD AHAR, 2014).

Additionally this past year, our agency participated in the commissions led by Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County to examine the location and service delivery systems of homeless service providers. We are grateful to be a part of these discussions and look forward to continuing the work of improving homeless services for our community.

Serving our community requires vigilance and agility. Moving forward, our primary goal remains the same: to help people find a place other than shelter that they can call home. As we continue our work with this goal in mind, we have you to thank for our success.  Thank you for your support. Thank you for the lives you have changed.



Matthew Minkevitch - Executive Director


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