Lisa and Tim

Lisa lived with her husband Tim and their three sons, two of whom suffer severe disabilities. Lisa began to notice issues with their apartment, including an insect infestation and growing mold. After contacting their landlord, Lisa and Tim were told that their apartment required several repairs. They needed to vacate the apartment while the appropriate repairs were made, which would take several months.

The family had managed to maintain a fragile balance between their income and their high medical bills. However, they could not afford the deposit on a new apartment and were left homeless. They soon came to The Road Home for assistance. Working with their case manager, Lisa and Tim started working on finding a new apartment immediately. While searching for housing, the family was connected with important resources, such as counseling and medical care. Soon the family moved into an apartment and with the support of The Road Home and community resources, was able to rediscover the financial security they had before their experience with homelessness.

* The names of the individuals involved have been changed to protect their privacy.

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