Suzana’s Story

Earlier this year, we received the following email from a Suzana who had been working with us to donate some in kind items to our newly rebuilt Community Winter Overflow Shelter in Midvale:

“Just a friendly follow up, I ended up taking a lots of items to the new location, and volunteers there were super nice. Me and my husband ended up coming 3 times with two cars loaded, to tell you the truth I never felt so good in my life, like I did when I was leaving all those items there. When I received a thank you card for all the donations it made me cry. Knowing that I was helping many out there and being thanked for when least expected really touched me.”

Since her email, Suzana has become a volunteer at The Road Home and continues to serve the people who turn to The Road Home for help. We are so sincerely grateful to Suzana and each of our donors and volunteers for the compassionate service and donations they give to the people we serve!

Learn more about The Road Home and how you can be involved by clicking here.

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